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Images from ‘Everything is Up’, No Soul For Sale @ TATE Modern, May 2010…


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Above are some images from Everything is Up at the Tate Modern, during No Sould For Sale. You can see Claire Behan & Jennie Guy in action, hawking their wares, an ongoing project called Souvenir. Also featuring in these images is Fire Practice Theatre, a film by Susan Thomson, as well as Darker For Gryllos by Aine Ivers : I wanted to make Art about eveyrthing. Panic boxes are nothings, maybe I’ll just get bored, panic becomes boring sooner or later. Gryllos falls asleep.

Also to be seen are Paper Games for Character Development by Jessica Foley. You can also see Catherine Barragry performing her liminal character in front of the Writing Workshop bookshelf.  The ‘bookshelf’ itself was designed by Caitríona McArdle, and built by Terry Markey. Warmest thanks to them from all The Writing Workshop members. For any questions, or for further information on any of the works within the bookshelf, don’t hesitate to contact me:

All images copyright of Jessica Foley.

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