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Glass I…


The Writing Workshop will exhibit an installation of work by four of it’s members in the vitrines at the cafe in P.S.1 MOMA New York, from February 11th to 25th 2010.

Each of the Vitrines at P.S.1Cafe will contain individual work specifically developed in response to the particular space of exhibition (the glass vitrine) by Áine Ivers, Jessica Foley, Susan Thomson & Jessamyn Fiore.

Behind the glass you will find…

Free Energy City by Áine Ivers. Through text and drawing an imaginary ecological town is depicted. A lost lover guides us through streets where houses photosynthesize and wolves roam freely…

Allegory for Occupation by Jessica Foley sketches rough outlines of an experience in a crumbling workhouse in the midlands of Ireland, agitating currents of  history & myth…

Susan Thomson’s The Swimming Diaries, excerpts from a 25,000 word book where each word corresponds to a stroke swum during the month when her mother was dying.

Jessamyn Fiore’s remnants and text memory from a month spent living in the wilds of Patagonia, Chile, as well as A Play About Lee Lozano.

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